Mobility - International students

Mobility - International students

Study as an exchange student for one or two semesters at UNSAM

International students are able to study at our university as exchange students through a bilateral or multilateral agreement with another institution, or as independent (free-mover) students.
They can have access to the academic offerings provided by UNSAM for exchange students, taking into account whether the subjects match with the semester chosen.
International exchange students should apply through our online system.http://unsam.edu.ar/internacional/incoming/. A Contact Person of the International Office from each partner university will be assigned to be in charge of their students’ exchange and to have access to the website to nominate them.
The nominated students should fill out the online system form with the requested information and attach the required documents (Passport, transcript of records, CV, Motivation Letter, and Language Certificate if necessary).

Academic Offer at UNSAM

Click here to see the list of undergraduate degrees of UNSAM: http://www.unsam.edu.ar/oferta/carreras/grade.asp.

Deadlines to submit nominations


For the semester that begins in March

October 30th

Receipt of nominations


For the semester that begins in August

April 30th

Receipt of nominations

Once the deadline for submission is over, UNSAM will send the acceptance letters to our partner universities.
Independent students (free movers) should contact incoming@unsam.edu.ar

Mandatory Immigration Procedures

Health and Life Insurance
Exchange students must have a health and life insurance with the following characteristics: healthcare and medical coverage, death and disability by accident, assistance in repatriation of the deceased for any reason and reimbursement of medical expenses due to accidents, during the stay in Argentina.
Important: once you have received the acceptance letter, and before you arrive in Argentina, you must send a valid international health and life insurance for your whole stay in the country. Prior to your arrival, you must send a copy of the insurance policy, in which the contact number of such insurance in Argentina must be stated, to the International Office internacional@unsam.edu.ar  ; incoming@unsam.edu.ar 

UNSAM does not have private nor subsidized student housing. Before arriving in Argentina, we suggest making a reservation in a hostel for the first days, and after knowing the city, decide what neighbourhood to live in. It is not advisable to book accommodation online for a long period of time before arriving in Argentina and without knowing the premises in person.

Arrival to Buenos Aires
For more information about your arrival in Buenos Aires, public transport, travel from the airport, SIM card and hostels rates, click here: https://turismojoven.buenosaires.gob.ar/

Academic calendar



March to July

Development of the first semester


Final exams

August to December

Development of the second semester


Final exams


Studying for a full graduate or undergraduate degree at UNSAM

Foreign students can study for a full graduate or undergraduate degree offered by UNSAM as well as regular students. To this purpose, we recommend contacting the school or institute in which you will take the program and asking for registration dates, requirements and paperwork to be submitted. The enrollment in the degree course must be done in the Office of Student Affairs of the school to which the degree you have chosen belongs.

Studying as an Independent Student ("free mover") at UNSAM

International students can study as free movers only for undergraduate degrees at UNSAM. Independent students are those whose universities do not have agreements signed with UNSAM.